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Travel Diary : Dubai Hot Air Balloon

Why Emirates

Travel Diary : Dubai Hot Air Balloon

Took to the air in Dubai in a Hot air balloon. The trip was amazing. It was very early in the morning when I got pick up by the crew from the hot air balloon but the very cold morning was worth it. It was fun and the people organising were professional and friendly.

We were blessed with an amazing golden sunrise and the falconay display was amazing. The last part of the adventure was a trip in the vintage land rover to our breakfast area

The breakfast buffet was a total surprise. It was very scrumptious and the food was very well prepared and we were served very well. Honestly i wasn't expecting the food to be that good but it was a pleasant surprise.

I didn't video the part of the breakfast because I was so hungry after the flight I just wanted to eat. Breakfast was short though but it's alright.

All in all it was a fun and amazing trip and I am very happy I book the flight ! 😀

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