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{A380 FLIGHT REPORT} EMIRATES A380 Flight Report | Dubai – Melbourne

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{A380 FLIGHT REPORT} EMIRATES A380 Flight Report | Dubai – Melbourne

This Emirates A380 flight shows the route that the airline takes to connect the Middle East with Australia. Emirates also offer direct flights to Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia, with a few cities in New Zealand as well. The flight on this particular day was good, but very very long, especially being seated in economy. The leg room on the A380 is astonishingly much larger than that of another aircraft along with the seat pitch, but it would be recommended to fly business class on this route for comforts sake. The food was very good and the service from the crew was great. Thanks to Emirates for an awesome fight experience and stay tuned to our channel for more videos just like these!!

~ Date: 28th April 2019
~ Flight: EK408
~ Departure: Dubai (OMDB / DXB)
~ STD: 9:00 am
~ Arrival: Melbourne (YMML / MEL)
~ STA: 5:30 am
~ Aircraft: Airbus A380
~ Airline: Emirates
~ Seat No: 76A
~ Flight Duration: 16 Hours
~ Flight Distance: 11 658 km = 7243 miles

~Recorded With: Iphone 6s

~Instagram: _global_aviation_

~Email: [email protected]

~Facebook: @Global Aviation


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