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Emirates OnAir Wifi

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Emirates OnAir Wifi

Can you believe it? WiFi internet at 40,000 feet, onboard an Emirates flight between Dubai and England.

Emirates offer 10MB of data for free or you can pay $1 ( 0.80 GBP ) for 500MB. An amazingly priced deal which is cheaper than mobile data on the ground!

You do need a little patience because the signal comes and goes and overall it's a pretty slow experience. But being able to chat with friends and family and read the news and browse forums is pretty awesome and makes longer flights a bit more tolerable.

I love that we've gone from 'Please turn all electronic devices off' to 'We have onboard wifi!'. Congrats to Emirates 🙂

I believe some other airlines also offer OnAir WiFi but Emirates was the first airline I tried it with.

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